The SASOL National Winter Swimming Championships is a yearly event sponsored by SASOL and hosted by Sasolburg Swimming Club. The event takes place in the Penny Heyns Swimming Pool in Sasolburg in the Northern Free State and is well attended by clubs from all over the country, some African States and from clubs visiting from oversea.

 As it is a national event it is sanctioned by Swimming South Africa and is swum under the rules of Fina, which is the world body for swimming.

 The event is swum in an open pool and the water is heated to 25°c. Tents are provided for protection against the elements which create a carnival atmosphere and with food stalls on the premises and the shops within walking distance, everybody enjoy every minute of their stay in Sasolburg.

About all the big names in swimming in South Africa, some or other time, took part in this event and coaches from all over the country use this as a team building event to start their season on a high note. Swimmers also use this event to prepare them for the early competitions or for overseas events.

This is a well-organized, excellent event for each and every swimmer to take part in and to claim the T-shirt for being at the SASOL National Winter Swimming Championships in Sasolburg.